Ep. 6 – Building a Sustainable Lifestyle for Veterans

Ep. 6 – Building a Sustainable Lifestyle for Veterans
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With Richard Murphy of Veterans to Farmers

Veterans to Farmers offers an opportunity for our men and women who have sacrificed so much to be our protectors. We offer a way to recover, to learn, and to move forward by becoming our providers, contributing to the solution of our food insecure nation.

Veterans to Farmers helps Veterans assimilate effectively, productively and permanently into private citizenry by training them in agriculture that leads to urban homesteading and/or business ownership. Richard Murphy is a 3rd generation Air Force Veteran who comes from a family proud of their military heritage and service to the nation. Rich served as a member of the U.S. Security Forces from 1998 to 2003 when he returned to the civilian sector to serve his community in social work.

Not long after separating Rich began teaching himself how to farm, or as he would say “to listen to the plants”. His curiosity did not stop at the soil. Rich sought out innovative agriculture methods like hydroponics, controlled environmental agriculture and more. What started as just a welcome distraction soon became a lifelong obsession. After a while, you could count on finding Rich tending to his garden and teaching whoever would listen about the magical life of plants. As luck would have it he was introduced to Veterans to Farmers (VTF) in 2013 while looking for others who shared the same passion for local food production, responsible agriculture and contributing.

His wife LeeAnn (also a veteran) stumbled across VTF while they were reaching out for help getting a non-profit started. She instantly knew Rich was the perfect fit. The rest is history. Rich and VTF became inseparable and he went on to help design the courses, teach the classes, mentor veterans, and educate the public on the important topics of veteran support and local food security.