Ep. 3 – Empowerment Expert and Brave Leader, Kimberly Outlaw

Ep. 3 – Empowerment Expert and Brave Leader, Kimberly Outlaw
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Kimberly Outlaw, Executive Director of Outreach for Support A Soldier, shares her story of bravery and courage. Support A Soldier makes soldiers safer, more comfortable and more effective in combat areas by supplying gear/equipment which is not provided by the US military, or which is better than what soldiers are issued. They are helping the fighting men and women who are deployed who are in the ‘heat, the cold, rocks and dirt’, and who would otherwise pay directly out of their own pockets or turn to their families to meet these needs. This organization is a venue for the American public to support, honor and give back to those who serve us by fulfilling requests from soldiers for items they would otherwise be purchasing themselves.

Kimberly Outlaw is an Army Combat Veteran of the Gulf War. The war where over 40,000 women were known as trailblazers, after being the largest female deployment in U.S. History. Once the war was over, she went on to continue serving her country for four years with the Colorado National Guard. A leader among her peers, she devoted 22 years to the US Postal Service where she quickly rose in supervisory and management positions. She has since found an opportunity which allows her to make a difference promoting integrity and accountability working with the Office of Inspector General.

VP2H – https://www.veteranspassport2hope.org/

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