Ep. 13 – Improving Veterans Lives Through Integrative Therapies

Ep. 13 – Improving Veterans Lives Through Integrative Therapies
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With Healing Warriors Program

Healing Warriors Program serves the veteran community and their families by providing non-opioid care therapies that integrate with a service member’s standard medical care.

Healing Warriors Program is the recipient of numerous awards and grants for innovative programs created to improve military quality of life, including the prestigious Newman’s Own® Award which was presented to the Healing Warriors Program in October of 2018.

Ana is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Healing Warriors Program, and registered VA vendor, providing non-narcotic care to Service Members and their families for Pain, PTS and sleep. Ana hails from the Hi Tech industry where she established and managed large global implementation teams for multi-national tech giant, Sun Microsystems. Having lost team members in 9/11 and seeing the subsequent challenges faced by our veterans in receiving care, Ana launched an annual free clinic event for service members which grew to become the Healing Warriors Program clinic in 2013.

To find out more visit: healingwarriorsprogram.org

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