Ep. 12 – Tolling the Bell for Veterans

Ep. 12 – Tolling the Bell for Veterans
Shock & Awe 2.0: Saluting Veter...

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With Michelle Mallin from the Honor Bell Foundation

The Honor Bell is the first tolling bell cast in U.S. history with the sole purpose of rendering a final honor to United States Armed Forces Veterans. The bell is intended to only be tolled by veterans in memory of their brothers and sisters in arms. The bell is only tolled for memorial purposes; never for a demonstration or celebratory event.

Though we do display the bell at a variety of events. Our program also allows for first responders to toll the bell at appropriate memorial ceremonies. The Honor Bell Foundation is accepting volunteers to assist the organization reach its mission and any veteran can join the bell guard.

For more information, please visit: honorbell.org

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