Ep. 10 – Empowering Children of Our Fallen Heros

Ep. 10 – Empowering Children of Our Fallen Heros
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Featuring Angels Of America’s Fallen

Co-hosts Tony and Tahverlee are joined by Joel Lewis, Executive Director of Angels of America’s Fallen.

Joe is a husband, a father, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 25 years of service across the three separate branches of the military. After retiring from the Air Force, Joe founded Angels of America’s Fallen (AOAF) in 2013 to help ensure the children of America’s fallen military, police, fire, and EMS personnel have the support they need during their crucial childhood developmental years to write their own stories of success.

To find out how you can help: aoafallen.org

VP2H: veteranspassport2hope.org

Tony Drees: transition-expert.com

Tahverlee: corporatecauseagency.com